First Impression Tips for Effective Networking

Initial interactions with potential contacts tend to linger for a long time. That’s why we do our best to make positive impressions as we work to build our Axle Executives networks. Here are a few proven strategies we use to be remembered for the right reasons.

We’ve embraced the value of concise introductions in our networking exploits, describing the value we offer in one sentence if at all possible. We want potential contacts to remember our defining talents, so we try to include them in our opening pitches.

Body language is also a big part of any first impression, so we’re careful to use appropriate nonverbal cues as we expand our contact lists. We keep our arms at our sides and maintain open postures to invite deeper conversations. Eye contact is another key element of a positive impression. We stay focused on a potential contact without staring, which shows that we’re engaged in the connecting process.

Listening more than we talk also helps us improve our Axle Executives networking efficiency. By asking open-ended questions, we encourage our new connections to give more details about their experience and unique skills. From there, it’s easy for us to find common ground and forge meaningful bonds.

We’re applying these techniques to enhance our networking efforts.